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How to Decoupage Floors

Pamela Martin

Floors are an often overlooked canvas for decorating creativity. Get away from the tried and trite carpet or area rugs with a decoupaged design, whether it's a faux stencil border in a living room or a stylized globe or compass rose in the sun room. Adding decoupage to the floor is a similar process -- on a larger scale -- to decoupaging such items as decorative boxes or picture frames.

  1. Prepare the floor surface. For wood, vinyl or linoleum, lightly sand the floor and then apply an oil-based primer. For concrete, use a primer designed for that surface.

  2. Mix equal parts of craft glue and water. Brush the back of your decoupage paper with the mixture and position it on your floor.

  3. Coat the design and the rest of the floor with polyurethane. Use a light coat to avoid bubbles forming in the surface. If you choose, apply a second coat after the first has dried thoroughly.