How to Throw a Rope Over a Tree Branch

Whether you want to hang a rope to build a tire swing or you are going camping and need to hang your food bag, you may wonder how to get the rope over a branch high enough to fulfill your goal. After a few unsuccessful throws with the wind blowing the rope in the opposite direction from the tree branch, you may feel quite frustrated. With a few common items, you will be able to guide the rope over the tree branch you were aiming for.

Create a rope swing by throwing a rope over a tree branch.
  1. Place a rock or other heavy object into a plastic bag, such as a grocery bag, and tie the bag closed.

  2. Tie the bag to one end of the rope.

  3. Gather both ends of the rope in your hands.

  4. Stand back from the tree branch you would like to throw the rope over. Do not stand directly under the tree branch.

  5. Throw the weighted end of the rope with an arched throw up toward the tree branch while holding the other end of the rope. Be careful to avoid the weight when the rope comes down over the branch so it does not hit you. You may need to attempt a few throws before your rope lands successfully over the tree branch. The weighted object will help direct the rope where you would like it to go.

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