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How to Get Adhesive Strips Off of Bathtubs

Constance Barker

Adhesive strips from stickers or bathtub installation bond tightly to surfaces. Whether a fiberglass or porcelain bathtub, the stickers may not budge with an application of ordinary soap and water. While slippery, the soap does not contain a dissolving action for the glue. Adhesive removers soften the sticky components in the glue, allowing it to release its grasp on the tub for a quick removal process.

Use an adhesive remover to loosen adhesive strips from a bathtub.
  1. Lift one end of an adhesive strip by picking it loose with a fingernail or plastic scraper. Work around the strip loosening all the edges. Repeat for all adhesive strips.

  2. Spray an adhesive remover under the lifted edges of the strips and over the top. Allow the remover to work on the strips for 30 minutes.

  3. Grab one end of a strip and slowly pull it up. Push under the strip with your fingernail or the scraper as you pull the strip away from the bathtub. Repeat for all adhesive strips.

  4. Spray adhesive remover on any adhesive remaining on the tub. Allow it to sit on the surface for 10 minutes. Scrub the adhesive with a wet nylon scrubber. Rinse the adhesive particles and remover down the bathtub drain. Dry the bathtub with a clean towel.