How to Protect Decks From Planters

B.T. Alo

Moisture is a serious problem for wood decks, and it can eventually lead to rotting, cracking or mold-growth. While greenery on a deck looks lovely and adds to your exterior decor, water from your planters can become a major concern. For deck wood to last, it needs proper protection from the water that can become trapped beneath your planters.

Protect decks from the dampness associated with planters.

Step 1

Stain the deck soon after installation to protect it from moisture and weathering. Use a paint roller with a long handle to apply the stain, as directed by the stain manufacturer’s instructions. Older decks may require cleaning or sanding before the stain can be applied.

Step 2

Place large planters that don’t require frequent watering on concrete blocks. The concrete blocks should be 5 inches larger all-around than the planter base. The concrete will absorb the excess moisture from the planter, thus protecting the deck itself.

Step 3

Sit smaller planters that need more frequent watering into planter pans or water trays with lips at least 2 inches high. Excess water from the planter will collect in the pan rather than dwelling on the wood.

Step 4

Water plants with a watering can when necessary, and take care to direct water completely within the planter.

Step 5

Sweep up leaves fallen from plants in the planters with an outdoor broom. If leaves are left on the deck too long they can discolor the wood and ultimately lead to mildew and rot.