How to Open Craftsman Garage Remotes

Craftsman garage door openers include one or two remote controls, depending on the model of the garage door opener. The remote controls are programmed to the garage door opener and allow you to open and close the garage door from a short distance away, such as in your car when you are pulling in or out of your driveway. Craftsman garage remotes are battery powered and the batteries will eventually die after regular use. To replace the batteries, it is necessary to open the remote.

  1. Remove the visor clip from the rear of the garage door remote, if it is a standard-size remote. To remove the visor clip, slide it out of the visor clip slot on the rear of the remote. Compact remotes do not have a visor clip, but a key-ring on the bottom-corner.

  2. Locate the slot on the case of the remote labeled "Open." On standard-size remotes, the slot is located on the bottom of the remote. The slot is located on the side of compact remotes.

  3. Insert the visor clip or a flat-head screwdriver into the slot.

  4. Twist the visor clip or screwdriver gently to pry open the case.

  5. Pull the case apart when it begins to separate.

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