How to Make a Ceiling Fan Light Brighter

Marshal M. Rosenthal

A ceiling fan that has a light fixture typically uses an incandescent bulb for illumination. To make the ceiling fan’s lighting brighter, replace the incandescent light fixture with one that uses a fluorescent light. The fluorescent light will provide a brighter light while using less electricity than a standard bulb. You can get a fluorescent light fixture from the same hardware or home and garden store where you purchased the ceiling fan. Use the same household tools to install the fluorescent light fixture that you used to install the incandescent light fixture.

Step 1

Trip the circuit breaker at the fuse box to turn off electricity to the room where the ceiling fan is located. Flip the switch that turns on the ceiling fan to verify that there is no electrical power. Flip the switch back to “Off.”

Step 2

Place a ladder beneath the ceiling fan. Unscrew the incandescent bulb from the bulb socket and set it aside.

Step 3

Remove the screws from around the lighting fixture, using a Phillips screwdriver. Place the screws in your pocket. Pull the lighting fixture off the fan.

Step 4

Memorize or make a note of the colors of the wires that are twisted around each other; these wires are from the lighting fixture and from the ceiling fan.

Step 5

Twist the screw-tab connectors around the twisted pairs of wires, going in a counterclockwise direction. Continue to twist the connectors until they come free of the wires. Place the connectors in your pocket. Separate the twisted pairs of wires from each other. Set the lighting fixture aside.

Step 6

Wind the ends of the wires attached to the bottom of the fluorescent light fixture around the ends of the wires attached to the ceiling fan; typically, this will be black wire to black wire, white wire to white wire and copper-colored wire to copper-colored wire, or “bare” on the ceiling fan. Take a screw-tab connector from your pocket and twist it around each pair of twisted wires.

Step 7

Place the fluorescent light fixture up against the bottom of the ceiling fan. Take the screws out of your pocket and screw them through the predrilled holes in the sides of the fixture and into the predrilled holes in the ceiling fan, using an electric screwdriver.

Step 8

Hold the fluorescent bulb with the pin assembly facing up. Place the bulb in the sockets on the bottom of the fluorescent light fixture. Twist the light to secure it in the fixture.

Step 9

Put the ladder away. Restore electric power at the fuse box.