How to Make a Hummingbird Birdbath

Tiny, iridescent hummingbirds are common in North America during the warmer months. Gardeners can attract the attractive, speedy birds with pink and purple flowers – fuchsia, bee balm, bleeding heart, petunias, rose of Sharon and nasturtium are good choices – or a nectar feeder. Like all other birds, hummingbirds need fresh water to stay clean and refreshed. Hummingbirds prefer showering to bathing; accommodate their preferences with a mister attachment for your birdbath.

Hummingbirds prefer showers over baths.

Step 1

Install a standard birdbath in your yard. Either purchase a commercial birdbath or make your own: Use Super Glue to attach the bottom of a large, shallow bowl to the top of a pipe cap and wait for the glue to dry. Drive the pipe 2 feet into the ground with a fence post driver, and screw the cap/bowl to the top. If using a commercial birdbath, install it in an open area away from trees to eliminate predators.

Step 2

Fill the birdbath with fresh water and refill it daily.

Step 3

Install a mister attachment to the side of the birdbath. Misters are available from home and garden stores. Follow the instructions that come with the mister to determine how to install it to your birdbath. With many misters, you can simply hang the attached hooks over the side of the birdbath and screw the included hose attachment to your faucet or garden hose.

Step 4

Turn your outdoor faucet on to activate the mister. Turn the faucet off at night, in cold weather, when it’s raining or whenever hummingbirds aren’t active.

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