How to Identify a Cat Forklift

The CAT Lift Truck company operates in Houston, Texas, and produces heavy machinery for the construction and transport industries.

CAT forklifts are yellow with black forks.CAT forklifts are yellow with black forks.
The CAT Lift Truck company produces several types of Cat forklifts, but they all have the same tell-tale signs by which you can identify a CAT forklift. Forklifts are small, one-man machines that can lift heavy items with two forks at the front of the machine. Forklifts are popular in warehouses and ports, where storage companies use it to transport goods.

Look for the "CAT" word painted on the side and back of the forklift. The CAT word is white with a yellow triangle underneath the "A." The word "CAT" is situated on a black background.

Search for the forklift's serial number plate. The serial number plate is attached to the engine, which is either under the seat or behind the seat under the metal hood. The number plate contains the model and serial number of the forklift as well as the manufacturer's name. If the aluminum number plate contains the word "CAT," you have a CAT forklift.

Check the color of the forklift. If your forklift is yellow with black forks, you may have a CAT forklift.

Call 1-800-CAT-LIFT and quote the serial number to find out what type of CAT forklift you have.

Look for the "CAT" word engraved into the metal on the engine. You can find the "CAT" word either at the top or the bottom of the engine.


  • Take your forklift to the nearest CAT dealership and ask a salesman to help you identify your forklift. Call 1-800-228-5438 to determine where the closest dealership is to you.

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