How to Tailor a Sure Fit Slipcover

F.R.R. Mallory

Sure Fit is a manufacturer of slipcovers. Their slipcovers are designed to fit as many types of furniture as possible. The slipcovers often include elastic strapping and excess fabric to accommodate the different types of furniture. While the slipcover may technically cover the furniture it is designed to cover, it also may not look as crisp or fitted as the homeowner would prefer. Modifying the slipcover to an exact fit can be done by most homeowners.

A slipcover that looks a little loose and untidy in the front.
  1. Place the Sure Fit slipcover on the furniture piece and follow the manufacturer's directions for making the cover fit as well as possible.

  2. Stand back from the furniture and note areas where the slipcover sags, bulges, hangs down or otherwise doesn't fit properly. Make notes as it is easy to forget problem areas when the cover is off.

  3. Remove any covered and fitted cushions from the furniture. If individual cushions are slipcovered, you may want to adjust their fit later as well.

  4. Remove the slipcover and turn it inside out. Put the cover back on the furniture and try to fit the cover as close to its earlier position as possible. Sometimes there are ties or elastic areas that make this challenging.

  5. Pin the fabric following the shape of your furniture. Try to adjust the slipcover's existing seams to match your corners and curves as the cover will look better with one set of seams. Pin from the seat back, over the top to the floor first. Gather extra fabric and pin new seams. Next, pin from the seat back over the seat to the floor. Work around each arm. Do not work on the hems. See if you can remove the slipcover. Adjust your pins until you can remove the cover easily.

  6. Sew your pinned seams using a basting stitch. This may require some adjustment of ties or elastic areas. Turn the cover right side out and fit it to the furniture again. There will be bulges where the extra fabric still exists, but the cover should fit much better. Make any further adjustments and re-sew and fit until the cover fits well using regular stitches. Turn it inside out and trim off the excess fabric leaving 3/4-inch seam allowances. Turn the cover right side out and put it back on the furniture. Replace the cushions and pin the hem. The hem should be just above the flooring. When you are happy with the hem, sew the hem. Do not cut the hem short.

  7. Adjust the fit of the cushion covers in the same way. Once the entire slipcover is modified, live with the cover on the furniture for a few days to see if it moves around. If you fitted it properly, it should stay in place. Trim your hem fabric once you are certain the hems are the right height.