How to Pack Tea Cups

Packing and moving, whether it is across town or across the country, is a stressful time. Purchasing packaging materials and moving your household items yourself will save money on moving expenses. One major headache that many families have is finding the correct way to pack breakables, including irregularly shaped objects such as tea cups. Using bubble wrap and strong boxes will ensure that your tea cups make it to your new home in one piece.

Wrap your teacups and pack them separately from other kitchen items.

Wash each of the teacups with liquid dish soap and water. This will ensure that they are ready for the cupboards when you get to your new home.

Lay a piece of bubble wrap onto a table. Cut out a piece of bubble wrap that is large enough to cover the tea cup.

Set one tea cup into the center of the bubble wrap chunk.

Wrap the four corners around the tea cup until the bubble wrap is gathered inside of the cup itself.

Tape down the bubble wrap with packaging tape.

Repeat this step with all your teacups.

Fill the bottom of a corrugated cardboard box with packaging peanuts or wadded pieces of newspaper.

Set the teacups into the box and fill in any empty space with the peanuts or newspaper.

Shut the box, tape the flaps shut with packaging tape and label the box "teacups" or "kitchen" and "fragile."

Things You Will Need

  • Liquid dish soap
  • Bubble wrap
  • Scissors
  • Packaging tape
  • Corrugated cardboard box
  • Packaging peanuts or newspaper

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