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How to Control a Floor Buffer

Damon Koch

A floor buffer is a valuable tool to have in the home. It can be used to strip wax from floors as well as to buff them to a shine. Nothing is more appealing than a well-buffed floor with a smooth-as-glass shine. However, a floor buffer is a dangerous piece of machinery if it is not handled correctly. Many people every year are injured by the improper handling of floor buffing machines. You can ensure your safety when using a floor buffer by following a few operating procedures.

  1. Adjust the handle on the floor buffer so it is at a 45-degree angle to your body. The floor buffer is easier to control if it is away from your body. Floor buffers have adjustable handles to customize the machine for the person using it.

  2. Work the floor buffer across the floor with the outlet behind you. This will ensure that the cord is behind you and will mitigate the chance that it will become entangled in the spinning head.

  3. Hold the buffer with both hands at all times. This will give you the most amount of control over the machine. If you need to remove one of your hands from the machine while using it, stop the machine first.

  4. Move the floor buffer back and forth in front of your body so that your arm that is furthest from the buffer is never less than a 45-degree angle to your chest. Do not twist your body but walk sideways to advance the buffer across the floor.

  5. Replace pads before they become too worn. A badly worn pad will contribute to a loss of control because it will not provide as much friction. Always work behind stripper or other liquids so that you avoid standing on wet and slippery areas of the floor.