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Gloss Boss Instructions

Dawn Gibbs

The Gloss Boss is a mechanical floor cleaner made by Pullman-Holt. It weighs only seven pounds and is easy to store. The Gloss Boss has two scrubber pads that rotate in opposite directions to loosen dirt and buff floors to a high shine. Owners can use the Gloss Boss on carpets, hardwood floors, linoleum, tile, marble or any other floor surface. You can also use the machine on upholstered items or in the car.

  1. Plug the Gloss Boss into a nearby electrical outlet. Select the type of pad you want to use on the floor surface. Select from the microfiber pads, the scrub pads, felt pads or carpet bonnets. The felt pads are useful for buffing hard floors. The microfiber pads are appropriate for delicate materials.

  2. Lay the pads you have selected next to each other in front of the Gloss Boss. If you are using the scrubbers, you can skip this because they are already attached to the machine.

  3. Lift the Gloss Boss and set it down on the pads, so one pad is under each of the scrub brushes. Spray the floor in front of the Gloss Boss with your selection of spray floor cleaner.

  4. Step on the handle release on the top of the Gloss Boss machine head. The handle will lean back and the machine will turn on.

  5. Push the Gloss Boss forward over the cleaning solution, then pull it back. Continue moving back and forth over the floor. Spray the cleaner onto the floor before you move on to a new section. Press the handle release and move the handle to its upright position to turn the machine off.