How to Use an Angle Grinder to Remove Thinset

Robert C. Young

Using power tools greatly increases a worker's efficiency. Tasks that take hours to complete by hand may be accomplished in much less time by a worker with an electric or pneumatic tool. Removing Thinset by hand requires chipping it away with a hammer and chisel. This can be a laborious, time-consuming process when cleaning a large area. Removing Thinset with an angle grinder requires neither special skill nor strength, and workers comfortable using power tools can quickly learn the required technique.

An angle grinder speeds Thinset removal.
  1. Install an abrasive grinding disk if one is not already attached to the grinder: Grinders vary by manufacturer, so consult your owner's manual for instructions on installing a disk.

  2. Turn on the grinder and grasp it with one hand on the handle and the other hand on the body of the grinder.

  3. Hold the grind wheel against the surface you want to clean and move the grinder slowly across it as the grinding wheel sands away the Thinset: Don't press the grinder or you might damage your surface. Turn off the grinder and set it aside after you have cleared the Thinset away.

  4. Brush off any dust left by the Thinset.