How to Cut Aluminum Angle

There may come a time when you need to cut aluminum angle iron for a home improvement project. Aluminum angle iron looks like an L when you look down the profile because it is bent into a 90-degree angle. Angle iron makes great framing and even makes good corner guards for a corner in a high traffic area. One of the best tools for cutting through angle iron is the band saw.

A band saw will make quick work of aluminum angle iron.
  1. Place the miter gauge onto the band saw table. A miter gauge allows you to control the angle at which the aluminum goes through the band saw blade. Even if you want to create a 90-degree or flat cut, you still need to use the miter gauge. To install the miter gauge, place the long strip of metal on the miter gauge into the grooved guide in the table.

  2. Set the angle on the miter gauge. To so this, loosen the handle on the top of the gauge by turning it counterclockwise. Rotate the handle until the needle on the gauge rests over your desired angle. Tighten the gauge by turning the handle clockwise.

  3. Place the angle iron on the table and butt it up against the miter gauge. The bottom part of the L rests on the table and the vertical part of the L rests against the gauge.

  4. Turn on the band saw and hold the aluminum angle iron against the gauge.

  5. Slide the angle iron past the blade to cut it.

  6. Turn off the band saw before attempting to remove the aluminum angle pieces.