How to Design a Pole Dance Room

A personal pole dance room makes for exciting parties and entertaining workouts. What used to be found only in gentlemen's clubs has found its way into the suburban home. Once known as a "stripper pole," the dance pole is a means of exercise for some women. Having a separate room for the activity lends itself to private dances for a spouse, or a whimsical and humorous party place for guests to enjoy. Designing the room as a do-it-yourself project is possible and saves money.

  1. Replace the flooring or install hardwood floors. Slick flooring allows the dancer to slide slightly on the floor as she swings around the pole.

  2. Measure the room from floor to ceiling, and find a pole to fit. Dance poles are available in a variety of sizes. Most do not require a mount or floor stand, but instead are spring loaded to fit between the floor and ceiling.

  3. Place the pole in the center of the room so it is the center of attention.

  4. Hang large mirrors on all sides of the room, or cover the walls with mirrored tile. This lets the dancer view herself from all angles and lets onlookers see every move.

  5. Place comfortable seating around the edges of the room. This allows the dancer a place to rest, or guests a place to relax and enjoy.


  • Place spring loaded poles onto cross studs in the ceiling. This ensures stability. If cross studs are not present, consider obtaining a pole with a floor base.
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