How to Make Display Racks for Wreaths

Wreath display racks are used to display wreaths inside the home for decoration. They look similar to a coat rack but only have one spot to hang one wreath. Oftentimes when someone owns a very beautiful or special wreath with sentimental value, they want to have it showing year-round. Wreath display racks are built for this purpose. They also help keep the wreath safe from the damage it can acquire in storage.

Oak is a decorative hardwood that will complement the beauty of any wreath.
  1. Draw two lines across one of the 12-inch boards. They should be parallel with the 4-inch ends, spaced 4 inches apart, each 4 inches away from the 4-inch ends. Cut along the lines to a depth of 1 inch. Use your hammer and chisel to remove the wood between the cuts to a depth of 1 inch. You will have a 1-by-4-by-4-inch piece of wood missing from the board. Repeat this process on the other 12-inch board.

  2. Place the boards together perpendicularly so the pieces that were removed are against each other. The pieces should be able to lay flat with one on top and the other underneath. This is the base to your wreath display rack. Drill a 3/32-inch hole through the center of both boards. The hole should be 6 inches away from each end, and 2 inches away from each 12-inch edge. Drill a 1-inch hole through one of the boards and 1/2-inch into the board underneath. Use the 3/32-inch hole as a guide.

  3. Place a dab of glue the size of a quarter in the 1-inch hole and insert the 1-inch dowel into the hole. Screw through the 3/32-inch hole with the 4-inch screw and into the dowel to secure it. Wipe off any excess glue with the tack cloth.

  4. Drill a 1/2-inch-deep, 3/8-inch hole into the 1-inch dowel. The hole should be perpendicular to the dowel, and 6 inches below the end of the dowel opposite the side of the base.

  5. Sand the wreath rack down with the medium-grade and fine-grade sand paper. Wipe it clean with the tack cloth and apply your wood stain. Let the wood stain dry before hanging your wreath on the rack.

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