How to Wire an Appliance Ground Wire When No Ground

The wiring on most appliances consists of up to four wires.

If the appliance operates on 240 volts, it has two hot leads; if it runs on 120 volts, it has one hot lead. The appliance also has a neutral lead and a ground wire. The neutral is also called the common lead. Wiring the ground wire for an appliance without a ground is a straightforward job that you can accomplish with a few basic tools.

Locate the ground and the neutral wires on the appliance. In most cases, the neutral is white and the ground is green. Consult the schematic if you are not sure.

Twist the neutral and the ground wires together. You can twist these wires together because they are both electrically common.

Connect the twisted pair of wires to the neutral wire or terminal of the source to which you are connecting the appliance wiring. If you are connecting the ground and neutral to a bare neutral wire, twist the three wires together with a wire nut and wrap the wire nut with electrical tape. If the twisted pair is being attached to a terminal or screw, turn it counterclockwise with a screwdriver or nut driver and connect the pair. Tighten the screw by turning it clockwise.

Things You Will Need

  • Screwdriver or nut driver
  • Wire strippers
  • Wire nut
  • Electrical tape

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