How Do I Get My Maytag Oven to Unlock After Cleaning?

Maytag ovens have a self-cleaning program that consists of a three-hour high-temperature heating cycle. During the heating cycle, the oven locks so you cannot open the door. For one hour after the cleaning cycle, the door remains locked to allow for adequate cool down time. You can interrupt this program and unlock the door after the cleaning cycle and during the cool down cycle.

  1. Locate and press the "Delay" button on the keypad. This suspends the cooling process and takes you to the setting for configuring a delayed restart for the cleaning cycle.

  2. Press the cancel button until the word "Cancel" appears on the screen and you hear a beeping sound.

  3. Listen for the door latch to unlock. it will sound like a short mechanical motion. Open the door. Again, be cautious as the heating cycle uses a very high temperature setting.

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