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Instructions for Graco Vibrate Bassinettes

Tanya Robertson

Graco's vibrating bassinets come with multiple different style and color options. A bonus to having Graco's version of the bassinet is that it doubles as both a comfortable bed and a portable playard. The playard is a great option for when you need a secure and safe place for your baby to play. For entertainment, there is an electronic module that emanates vibrations and sounds that are thought to have a soothing and comforting effect on infants. The bassinets also have a compact design that allows them to be folded down so they will take up minimal space when traveling and during storage.

Assembling the Bassinet

  1. Remove the mattress pad by releasing the straps.

  2. Open the crib by pulling the rails in an outward direction. Make sure you don't push down the floor yet.

  3. Lock the rails in place. The rails will automatically lock in place and become rigid as you pull up on them.

  4. Push the center of the floor down while you hold one of the corners of the rail up.

  5. Snap four clips onto the side rails. Two go on each side.

  6. Attach the four clips on the bassinet to the top sides of the base.

  7. Insert the tube into the bottom of the bassinet. The ends of the tube will fit inside of the two pockets.

  8. Open the canopy and then fasten the straps. The straps are located on each side of the canopy and will be fastened to the side of the bassinet.

  9. Open the battery compartment. Insert a flat-head screwdriver into the slot and use it to pry open the compartment. Insert one D sized battery and then snap shut.

  10. Attach the battery compartment to the bassinet. There is a cord located in the bottom of the bassinet that will plug into the end of the compartment.

  11. Secure the battery compartment in place. Use the strap to secure it and make sure that it is centered so it works properly.

  12. Remove the two screws located on the back of the electronics module. Remove the battery door and insert three AA batteries. Replace the door, and screw shut.

  13. Plug the other end of the cord into the electronics module and snap it onto one of the side rails.

  14. Insert the mattress with the soft side facing up.

Using the Electronics Module

  1. Turn on the vibrator by pressing the button with the wavy lines. Press the button one time for high, two times for low and a third time to turn it off. The vibrator will automatically turn off after 25 minutes.

  2. Turn on the lights by pressing the button with the light bulb. Press the button one time to turn on the top light, twice to turn on both lights, three times to turn on the bottom light and a fourth time to turn all the lights off.

  3. Turn on the music by pressing the button with the music note. Press the button one time for the first song, again for the second song and so forth. After the fifth song is selected, one more press of the button will turn the music off.

  4. Adjust the volume level by pressing the button with the speaker and sound waves. Each press of the volume button will increase the sound by one level. After it reaches its highest volume, pressing the button one additional time will turn it off completely.

  5. Turn on the nature sounds by pressing the button with the little bird. Press the button one time for the first sound, again for the second sound and so forth. After the fifth sound is selected, one more press of the button will turn the nature sounds off.

  6. Turn on the alarm by pressing the button with the clock on it. Press the button one time for five minutes, two times for 10 minutes and three times for 15 minutes.