How to Move a Couch on a Dolly

If you are in the middle of relocating or moving from one house or apartment to another, the heaviest items will be the biggest obstacles.

Save wear and tear on your body by using a dolly.Save wear and tear on your body by using a dolly.
Because furniture is designed to sit in one place, it is often bulky and awkward to move. Aside from free-lifting a couch, you can use lifting straps. These straps still require you to use your muscles from start to finish. The other alternative is to use a dolly.

Move everything out of the pathway you'll be rolling the couch past. Pick up any area rugs as well as furniture.

Place the dolly close to the couch. Have your helper lift one end of the couch. Roll the dolly under the couch and position it in the center to properly balance and lift the couch.

Carefully and slowly push the couch from one end rolling it over the floor to its new place. Don't push too fast or the couch may rock off the dolly or damage a wall by sliding into it.

Things You Will Need

  • Helper


  • To move the couch through a doorway, you will likely have to lift it off the dolly.

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