How to Make a Cone Thread Stand

Cone thread stands are used in sewing projects to hold cone thread spools.

Cone thread stands are convenient for many sewing project.Cone thread stands are convenient for many sewing project.
They consist of a dowel that holds the cone, and another dowel that holds an eye-hook above the cone to feed the thread through. The thread is then grabbed by a sewing machine and wrapped around a smaller spool that is used in the machine. Cone thread stands are simple in design and easy to build for even the amateur wood worker. A stand like this can be built in minutes spent at a workbench.

Drill a 1/2-inch-deep 1/4-inch hole in the center of the board. The center of the board should be 2 ½ inches away from each edge. Glue the 1/4-inch dowel in the hole. This will hold your cone thread spool.

Drill a 1/2-inch-deep 1/2-inch hole that is 1 inch away from two edges that meet at a corner. This hole will be close to one of the corners. It does not matter which corner it is close to. Glue the 1/2-inch wide, 15-inch long dowel in this hole.

Screw the eye-hook into the 15-inch dowel so it is 1/4-inch away from the top of the dowel, opposite the end glued in the board. The eye-hook is at a right angle to the dowel, the hole in the dowel is parallel with both dowels and hovers over the board.

Set your cone thread spool on the 1/4-inch dowel and feed the thread through the eye-hook.

Things You Will Need

  • Tape measure
  • Oak board, 1-by-5-by-5-inches
  • Oak dowel, 1/4-by-6-inches
  • Oak dowel, 1/2-by-15-inches
  • Drill
  • Drill bit, 1/4-inch
  • Drill bit, 1/2-inch
  • Wood glue
  • Eye hook, 1/8-inch

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