How to Make a Hermit Crab Hammock

Adding a hammock to your hermit crab’s habitat increases the visual interest of its cage, evoking the beach environment associated with wild crabs. A net hammock also provides your crab with additional physical and mental recreation; the crab can swing in the hammock or figure out how to climb into it. With just a few aquarium supplies, you can make a relaxing hammock for your hermit crab to enjoy.

A hammock provides recreation for your hermit crab.

Step 1

Cut a strip of mesh cloth or fishnet to the length and width you want the hammock to be. 

Step 2

Thread a piece of strong string through the mesh on each short end of the cloth.  Leave 3 or 4 inches of free string on each corner of the hammock.

Step 3

Pull the strings together on one end of the hammock to gather the cloth on one side.  Tie the strings around a suction cup hook or a vertical cage ornament such as a lighthouse or tree.

Pull the strings together on the other end of the hammock and tie around the hook or ornament. 

Things You Will Need

  • Mesh cloth or fishnet
  • 2 pieces strong string
  • Needle
  • 2 suction cups with hooks or 2 vertical cage ornaments

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