How to Line a Lampshade With Styrene

Kayla Ledford

Styrene is a flexible material used to line the inside of lampshades. It is typically used when initially making a lampshade. However, you can also replace torn, discolored or worn-out styrene on an existing lampshade. Pressure sensitive, also called self-stick, or plain styrene can be found in most craft stores. Ready-to-use styrene, with fabric already attached, is also available. Lining a lampshade with styrene results in a finished and professional look.

Styrene is most often used in lampshades with straight, flat or round panels.

Step 1

Lie one side of your lampshade frame or completed lampshade on top of the styrene. Trace the lampshade's shape onto the styrene and cut out the shape.

Step 2

Remove the backing from the styrene and press it to the inside of your lampshade or the back side of the fabric if you are using self-stick styrene. If you are using plain styrene, use fabric glue or a hot glue gun for application.

Step 3

Cut the fabric around the styrene if you are making a new lampshade. Trim any excess styrene if you are lining an existing lampshade.

Step 4

Secure the styrene with clothespins, and allow it to dry for 20 minutes. If you are making a new lampshade, delay this step until you have attached the fabric and styrene to the frame.