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How to Cover a Drink Coaster to Make it Water Resistant

Lane Cummings

A big circular watermark staining a piece of furniture can be an eyesore, but it's also quite avoidable. If you're hosting a gathering or dinner party, you'll want to have plenty of coasters on hand. However, coasters sometimes lose their water-resistance over time -- or may not have it to begin with if they're made from leather, paper or card stock. Either way, you can cover your coasters in protective material that still showcases their design.

You can make a pub-style coaster water resistant with laminating paper.
  1. Lay a sheet of laminating paper on flat surface. Remove the protective backing, and leave the sticky side facing up.

  2. Place a coaster face up on the bottom right corner of the laminating paper. Line up the edges of the coaster so they match the edges of the laminating paper. Smooth out any wrinkles in the laminating paper before continuing. The entire bottom of your coaster is now attached to the laminating paper.

  3. Lift the coaster, with the entire underside still stuck to the laminating paper, and flip it over so the laminating paper now wraps around what was once the top side of the coaster. The bottom side of the coaster, covered in laminating paper, is now facing you. Your goal is to wrap the coaster completely in laminating paper on the top and bottom.

  4. Lift the coaster again so the laminating paper wraps around the coaster once more. Cut away the excess laminating paper with sharp scissors so you have clean edges.