How to Repair Trex Decking

Owen E. Richason IV

If you have a Trex deck attached to your home and have planks that have warped or come loose, you can replace them yourself without having to hire and pay a professional carpenter. This do-it-yourself project doesn't require years of building experience, but you will need to be comfortable working with a power saw. In a weekend's time, you'll have the Trex deck repaired and ready to use for years to come.

  1. Look underneath your deck to determine where the floor joists are located. Generally, the joists will run perpendicular to the deck planks and be spaced between 1 and 2 feet apart.

  2. Put on goggles and set a circular saw cut-depth to the same thickness as the Trex deck planks. For instance, if your deck planks are 1 inch deep by 4 inches wide, you would set the blade to cut 1 inch deep.

  3. Turn on the circular saw and cut into the damaged deck plank lengthwise, just a few inches inside the deck joist. Cut through the Trex deck plank lengthwise, stopping a few inches before reaching the next joist.

  4. Insert a claw bar into the saw line, close to one of the joists. Pry up and begin to break the plank into two -- the composite Trex deck plank should split evenly lengthwise. Continue along the cut line, prying up until one side breaks away length-ways.

  5. Pull up the other side, unfastening the screws with a screw gun. Unfasten out any other screws still in the joist with the screw gun as well.

  6. Measure the length of the plank you removed with a tape measure, then measure and cut a piece of new Trex decking to the same length with the circular saw.

  7. Fit the replacement plank into the empty slot and fasten to the joists with a screw gun and stainless steel screws to finish.