How to Program King Cobras by Schlage

The King Cobra line of programmable locks, manufactured by Schlage, are often used in businesses where owners and multiple employees need to be able to gain access to a room or building. King Cobra locks don't have keys. They tighten security and eliminate compromise that comes with keyed locks. Upon installation, a King Cobra lock is programmed electronically and can hold up to 100 access codes.

Change Programming Code

  1. Change the factory code to a five- or six-digit code of your choice for maximum security. Click on "Programming Code", then press "" or "iButton. Then press the "" button.

  2. Press the number "7" and "*."

  3. Enter your new selected five- or six-digit code and press "*."

  4. Re-enter the new code and press "*" once more.

Change iButton

  1. Change the iButton code if you choose to for security reasons. Start by pressing "Programming Code," then the "*" button or "iButton."

  2. Press the number "7" button and "*."

  3. Enter the new programming iButton.

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