How to Virtually Arrange a Room

The old-fashioned way of arranging a room involves pulling, lifting and lugging furniture from place to place until you find just the arrangement that works. Save your back and sit comfortably at your computer instead, virtually arranging a room. Using free web-based planning tools, you can set your room dimensions and move furniture around to determine what arrangements will work for your space.

  1. Navigate to the Homestyler webpage to create a floor plan that will work for your room. Click the green "Start Design" button and then click "Get Started Now." Select the room shape that fits your room by dragging it over to the workspace. Click "Furnish" to begin placing furniture into the room. Find furniture that matches your furniture from the available pieces and drag them over to experiment with different arrangements. Continue experimenting with different placements until you find something that might work with your room. Toggle between 2-D and 3-D by clicking buttons above the workspace. Click "File" and "Print" to print out arrangements or "File" and "Save" to save your designs.

  2. Visit the Jerome's Furniture website and use the room planning tool. Click "Room Planner" in the lower left corner of the home page and then click the orange "Start Planning" button. Use a ready-made room plan by selecting the room type and clicking "open this plan." Alternately, create your own room by entering the dimensions of your room. Select a shape, the room type and click "create a new plan." Browse items in the left sidebar and drag items over to the virtual room on the right. Choose from items such as doorways, furniture, appliances, landscaping, wiring and even hobby items such as musical instruments. Click on items after placing them in the room to move, rotate or delete them. Click on the "dimension" tool to measure furniture pieces you place in the room to make your virtual room as accurate as possible. Click "Save" and "Export" to export a copy of the room from the website to your computer. Click "Print" to print a copy of the room.

  3. Access the 3-D design tool at the MyDeco website. Click "Start with an empty room" to select a room that looks similar to yours. Click "Furnish" in the upper right corner of the workspace and select the type of room you are furnishing. Find furniture pieces that resemble your furniture in the list to the right of the workspace. Drag the furniture over to the room, placing them in a variety of spots until you find an arrangement you like. Click "File" and "Save As" to name the design and save it. You can also share your design by email after saving it.