How to Remove the Overhead Bin on a Herman Miller Cubicle

Nicole Fotheringham

Herman Miller has the solution to any office furniture problem. With interlocking cubicles and interchangeable office furniture, you can construct the configuration that works best for your office space. Herman Miller also accommodates your storage needs and there is a large range of cabinet bins and overhead bins to incorporate into your office design. You can remove the overhead bins in order to move files or reorganize your office.

Create a comfortable and functional office with the help of overhead bins.
  1. Open the overhead cabinet door.

  2. Pull the bin forward. The bin is mounted on rollers which fit into runners on the side of the overhead bin. The bin should pull out without much effort.

  3. Pull the bin all the way out -- when it gets to the end of the rail, lift the front and pull up and out. This will release the roller from the track and the bin will be free of the cabinet.

  4. Tilt the bin up in the front and place the rollers onto the track. Push the bin down and forward gently to replace the bin in the overhead cabinet.

  5. Warning

    Take care with bins that are heavy or full. Items may fall out of the top of the bin and onto your head.