How to Measure a Glider Bearing Arm

A glider bearing arm is found in love seats and glider chairs. It is a small metal piece that can vary in size. Bearings in the end of the metal arms give them a gliding functionality that lets patio furniture rock or glide forward and back. If your glider bearing arm needs to be replaced, a new one can easily be installed. The first step in the installation process is finding out what size your glider bearing arm is.

  1. Locate the glider bearing arm on your piece of patio furniture. Remove it from its current location with an adjustable wrench. Loosen the bolts and set them aside. Lay the glider bearing arm down on a flat and steady surface so it can be measured.

  2. Attach a tape measure to one end of the glider bearing arm and run the tape measure down to the other end. Push the tape measure against the glider bearing arm and record the measurement to the closest tick mark on the tape measure.

  3. Write down the measurement of the entire glider bearing arm. Most will measure either nine or 10 inches. Have a helper hold the tape measure at the hole in the glider bearing arm. Run the tape measure from the end of one hole to the end of the other hole.

  4. Record that measurement to the closest tick mark. This will typically measure 7 5/8-inches for a 9-inch glider bearing arm and 8 5/8-inches for a 10-inch glider bearing arm. But measurements should still be taken so the holes will match up properly.

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