How to Build a Hexagon Sandbox

Amma Marfo

A basic sandbox can provide hours of fun for children whether in your yard or on a deck or patio. A hexagon sandbox adds more interest to your landscaping than a traditional square box while making the sand accessible on six sides instead of four. Luckily, you can save money by building your own hexagon sandbox and have it ready to fill with sand and toys in just a few hours.

Sandboxes offer a fun activity for children and adults.
  1. Stand a board on its 2-inch width. Place a protractor along one end. Mark the 60-degree line along the 2-inch width from one corner inward. Mark the 60-degree line at the other end, making sure one face of the board remains 18 inches long while the other side becomes shorter at each end.

  2. Cut both ends of the board with a saw along the drawn lines. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 with the other five boards.

  3. Arrange the boards into a hexagon shape so each board faces the 18-inch-long side outward. Place two brackets 3 inches apart along each inside corner of the hexagon. Attach with wood screws and a drill.

  4. Lay the hexagon frame over a sheet of plywood. Trace around the outside of the hexagon onto the plywood. Cut the plywood along the marked lines. Layer the plywood over the hexagon frame. Drill a wood screw through the plywood and into the frame every 6 inches to attach.

  5. Flip the sandbox over and place on a flat, secure area. Sand the upper edges of the box with fine grit sandpaper including any corners as well as the sides of the box. Fill with sand to your desired depth leaving room for play.