How to Install a Fascia and Soffit Drip Edge

Soffit and fascia are installed on the front of a house for added protection. Fascia board is screwed straight into the wooden joists on the front of the house and is then covered with aluminum or vinyl fascia trim. This helps protect the house and gives the gutters added support. Soffit is installed on the underside of the eave of a house and allows ventilation in and out of the attic. Drip edge is installed along with the with the soffit and fascia to help protect the house. It helps prevent moisture build up along the bottom edge of the roof.

  1. Measure the length of the house where the drip edge will be installed and record the measurement so the proper number of drip edge pieces can be purchased. The pieces of drip edge typically come in 10-foot or 12-foot sections.

  2. Position a ladder at one end of the roof and climb up. Peel back the bottom layer of shingles with a small pry bar enough that the drip edge can fit underneath with the lip of the drip edge hanging over the gutter.

  3. Open up a bucket of roof cement and, with a trowel, apply it to the roof where the shingles are peeled back. Cover an area long enough for the first piece of drip edge. Spread out a thin, even layer and press the drip edge down on top.

  4. Push the drip edge so it is flush against the front of the roof with the lip hanging down into the gutter and run your hands over the entire surface to secure it to the roof. Move down the front of the house and install the remaining drip edge in the same manner.

  5. Overlap the pieces of drip edge by 4-inches and hammer in roofing nails where the pieces overlap and at each end piece near the corner.