How to Replace a Non-Grounded With a GFCI

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, better known as GFCI, outlets can replace a nongrounded outlet. Older homes used to be wired without ground and thus only have outlets that can accept two-prong devices. The ungrounded outlet can be a problem if you want to plug a three-prong plug. Luckily, you can avoid having to rewire your home and install new electrical wiring to properly ground the outlet. Using a GFCI is an acceptable way to add three-prong plug access to a non-grounded outlet. With the right tools and directions, you will quickly be able to install your GFCI outlet and accept three-prong plugs.

Replacing the old two-prong outlet with a GFCI will let you connect new electronics.
  1. Turn off the circuit breaker to the outlet you will be working at to avoid electrocution.

  2. Remove the screws holding the face plate and the outlet. Loosen the screws holding the wires on the outlet with the screwdriver. Pull out the wires and remove the old outlet.

  3. Wrap the black wire to the golden screw on the GFCI outlet and secure it in place with the screwdriver.

  4. Wrap the white wire to the silver screw on the GFCI. Use the screwdriver to secure the wire.

  5. Push the GFCI outlet onto the electrical box and secure it in place with the screwdriver. Put on the faceplate and secure it with the screwdriver.

  6. Turn on the circuit breaker and press the "Reset" button for the GFCI outlet. Most GFCI outlets will have a green light indicating that it is working. If your GFCI outlet does not have an indicator light, plug in a lamp or other object to test it. If it is not working, turn off the circuit breaker and check for loose wires.

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