How to Carry a Heavy Desk up the Stairs

Moving heavy furniture up the stairs can be a trying and exhausting task, but there are ways to make it easier. A heavy desk can be problematic because of its length and its weight, but because desks are associated with bedrooms and studies, they definitely need to go up the stairs. When lifting a heavy desk, always bend your knees rather than your back, and be very careful not to crush your fingers against the doorways.

While lighter desks can be moved by one person, use two people for increased stability.
  1. Measure the doorways and corners of the stairway through which you are moving the desk and compare those measurements to the desk. This helps you determine whether the desk fits through the stairway at all.
  2. Remove all the drawers. Drawers can slip out and break when you are moving the desk. Removing the drawers also makes the desk substantially lighter.
  3. Remove the desk's feet if they can be removed. Reducing the height of the desk can make the desk go around corners and through narrow doorways a little easier.
  4. Use furniture lifting straps to carry the desk. Furniture straps are simply straps made of sturdy webbing that you can loop underneath the desk. This prevents you from needing to bend down to pick up the desk and it also prevents you from needing to carry the desk while you are hunched over.
  5. Turn the desk on its side and hook two of the legs around the corner if the desk has an open back. This can help when maneuvering the desk around a tight doorway or corner.

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