How to Unstick a Pocket Door

Pocket doors are common in historical homes as well as more modern construction. Pocket doors are made to slide into the wall instead of opening in or out. Over time, debris can interfere with the rollers or the rollers may need oil. A stuck pocket door may be frustrating but can often be fixed in about an hour.

  1. Rock the door back and forth gently to pull it out of the pocket. If the door is stuck in the closed position, leave it as is.

  2. Use a screwdriver to press down on the release stop at the top of the door near the pocket. Gently pull the door off its track and set aside.

  3. Inspect the track at the top of the pocket to make sure there are no nails or bends in the track. If there are nails, hammer them back into place with the hammer. Use the hammer to straighten out any bends in the track.

  4. Use a vacuum cleaner with a long handle attachment to clean debris from the track and floor in the pocket. Clean the rollers and bottom of the door with the vacuum as well.

  5. Spray lubricating oil onto the rollers and in the track.

  6. Lift the door back onto the track and move it in and out of the pocket to lubricate the track and rollers.