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How to Use a Workforce Compound Miter Saw

Steve Smith

To use a Workforce brand compound miter saw, simply lay a board up against the back stop on the platform in front of the saw. This is a perfectly straight "level," and the blade in the 90 degree cutting position will make a perfect 90 degree cut. To cut, turn the saw on (you need to depress the safety). Then grasp the handle on the blade arm and pull down to make the cut. The blade runs at one speed. You can adjust the angle of the cut as well.

Operating the Saw

Making Different Angle Cuts

To make a cut of 45 degrees (or another angle), swivel the blade arm on the platform. First release the locking mechanism and keep it released as you move the blade to the required angle. Once you release the lock, you will hear the blade arm snap into position. It is now locked. You can turn on the machine, lay your board along the back stop and make a perfect cut at the angle set. You will see measurements along the circular platform in front of you that indicate the angle the blade is set at. Whatever angle the red arrow points to is the angle of the cut.

Taking It on the Road

The Workforce compound miter saw is built to travel. It has what is called a transportation mode to prevent the blade from banging against the cutting plate. To set it into transport mode, set the lock in the back of the machine. You will notice that the blade arm will not move up. Now, to get it out of this mode, release the lock by pulling it out. Sometimes if you push up slightly on the blade it allows the lock mechanism to release easier.