Butcher Block Vs. Granite Countertop Price

Granite and butcher block slabs are both perfectly in well-appointed kitchens. Both of these countertop options are near the higher end of the price range for countertop materials. Certainly cost is a factor, but buyers should also consider other factors, such as the appearance and performance of the two materials.

Butcher Block


Butcher block countertops are made from many layers of wood that are laminated together. This provides the kitchen with a somewhat rustic look with genuine wood throughout the countertop area. The surface is also quite practical. Butcher block that is well maintained can be used as a cutting surface without damaging the counter. They do need to be kept dry and oiled, however, or the wood could start to take on moisture and swell.


Granite countertops are very strong and are one of the most popular choices among homeowners today. Granite countertops are resistant to heat, are very easy to clean and don't scratch easily. Granite also comes in a huge variety of colors, so a homeowner can find almost any color to match the flooring or cabinetry he wants in his kitchen. Granite is also considered a premium material that adds value to the price of most homes.

Butcher Block Price

The price of a butcher block countertop starts at around $65 per square foot, at the time of publication. The type of wood is one of the primary determining factors in regard to cost. Counters made out of a rare or slow-growing wood, such as cherry, will cost much more than a common wood like mahogany. Also, the grain of the counter affects the price. End-grain countertops are more expensive than those made with a edge-grain orientation.


Like butcher block, granite countertops range greatly in price. On sale, a granite countertop might cost less than $50 per square foot. More standard prices range from the $50 mark all the way to $150, plus another $20 per foot for installation. The more complicated the job, and the more sinks and obstacles that need to be accommodated, the more the installation costs.

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