Deck Skirting Materials

Mariah Elaine

Installing skirting around the underside of your deck allows you to hide structural supports, provide storage or simply keep pets and other animals from getting underneath. You can create deck skirting from many materials, but there are some options more commonly used on standard backyard decks. When choosing your skirting, opt for a similar material used to construct the deck for a complementary look and comparable lifespan. Consider the skirting materials that will allow you the easiest access beneath your deck to add and retrieve stored items.


Paint your lattice skirting to complement the color scheme of your house.

One of the most popular material choices for deck skirting is lattice. Available in wood or vinyl panels, it's sold at home-improvement stores in various sizes and colors. The panels are easy to cut for a custom fit around the open area beneath your deck. Purchase lattice panels in cedar for a long-lasting, natural skirting material -- or opt for a less expensive wood option to paint or stain in a color complementary to your deck or home. Add hinges to one of the panels to provide easy access under the deck.


To completely hide the area beneath the deck and prevent access to pets and children, create solid coverage using the same siding material used on your home. This will hide unsightly storage while creating a seamless look between the deck and house. Allow slight gaps between each piece to provide ventilation to the area. Make a solid panel with the siding in one area, and add hinges or removable hardware for easy access to the area beneath for storage.

Fencing Boards

Fencing boards work well for vertical, deck skirting, especially if the ground around your deck is uneven. Measure and cut each board for a custom fit between the deck and the contour of the ground. Cedar fencing is a suitable option which will last for many years with minimal maintenance, especially if a sealer is applied. To coordinate with the color of your home, consider a fencing material that's easy to paint or stain.

Composite Material

If your deck is constructed with composite decking, create your skirting from the same material. Not only will it age at a similar rate as your decking, but it can survive longer in areas with extreme weather conditions than many traditional wood options. Install it vertically around the area of the underside of your deck, making several boards easy to remove for access underneath if needed.