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My Washing Machine Fills up After the Final Spin

Christie Gross

When a washing machine fills with water after the final spin, it usually indicates a problem with the water valve or drain. Although the situation may initially seem dire, you can address it yourself. Do some preliminary investigative work to see what’s causing the drum to fill again, and then determine the best course of action to take to correct the problem.

Defective Water Valve

Don’t restart the wash cycle to attempt to drain the washer as it will likely fill again.

If your washing machine fills up after the final spin, a faulty water valve might be to blame. The valve opens and closes based on direction from the control panel. Yet when the valve breaks, water will continue to flow into the washtub no matter how far along the washing machine is in a particular wash cycle or whether or not the washer is even on. Shut off the washing machine’s main water supply valves, and get the washer serviced.

Blocked Drain

A washing machine drains prior to its final spin. However, if after water drains, it returns during the spin cycle, the drain is likely blocked. Stop the washing machine, and drain the drum using the hose or pipe in the back of the washer. Inspect the wash load for missing articles of clothing that might have become trapped in the middle of the inner washtub and outer tub and entered the drain. Refer to the washing machine’s manual for simple clog removal instructions. Depending on the clog’s location, you probably can remove it yourself.

Simple Clog Removal Tips

To remove a clog from the drain, you’ll need to remove the washing machine’s primary access panel to expose the washer’s main components. Attached to the drum is a rubber hose, which you’ll probably have to detach and eliminate to get a clear view of the drain. Reach into the washing machine’s drain hole, and pull out the clog with your hands or a pair of pliers.


Soap scum and debris from the washing machine can sometimes get trapped in the washing machine’s drain line and prevent water from flowing through it, so water backs up into the washer after it drains occasionally during the final spin. You can clear the debris with a pipe snake obtained from a home improvement store to eliminate obstructions in household plumbing. After you run the snake through the drain line, run warm water into the line to push the now dislodged clog into the home’s main wastewater drain. If you can’t effectively remove the clog on your own, call a plumber to assist you in flushing the drain line.