My Kenmore Washer Makes a Loud Noise While Agitating

Some Kenmore washing machines are equipped with several features designed to improve the overall user experience, such as a large capacity, stain treatment option, internal water heater, special cycle to wash kids’ clothes and a vibration guard technology to reduce vibration and noise during operation. Other Kenmore washing machines are more basic with just standard wash, rinse and spin cycles but should still work well with little noise under most circumstances. If the washer makes a loud noise while agitating, there might be a repair issue to be addressed.


One source of noise during agitation is the presence of foreign objects, such as small items that might fall out of pockets, inside the drum or pump. These objects then rattle or clank as the washer is turning to agitate. Stop the washing machine and look in the washer drum as well as the drain filter for objects and remove as needed.

Washer Feet

The feet on the Kenmore washing machine must touch the floor evenly and firmly to reduce noise while the washing machine is in the middle of agitating because of the motion of the cycle. Use a wrench to adjust each foot on the washer but do not overtighten past the point that the machine is level, as this may cause even more vibration and noise. Simply make sure each foot touches the flooring firmly and evenly.


If the Kenmore washing machine is making a lot of noise during agitation, the floor may not be solid enough to support the machine and the flexing is causing sound. Although moving the washing machine to a more solid supporting floor is best, adding a 3/4-inch piece of plywood under the unit can also increase support and reduce noise.

Noisy Components

Sometimes parts in a washing machine get worn out or broken, which results in a loud noise during agitation. For example, if the clutch, drive motor, transmission or drive pulley is not functioning well, the washing machine will make noise when it starts to agitate. Contact Kenmore for repair assistance if troubleshooting efforts fail to locate the source of the noise and resolve the issue.