What Can I Do to Cover Up My Mirrored Doors?

Mirrored doors may be used on a closet or in a bedroom. While some people may find them convenient, others may not want to be constantly confronted with their image. Covering the doors is an option and there are several different ways that may be done.


One of the easiest ways to cover over a mirrored door is to paint it. Painting a mirrored door will cover the mirror and eliminate the reflective surface properties of the door. You can paint the mirror a color featured in the room or use an assortment of colors for a mosaic effect. Another option is to paint the mirrored door black and use it as a base on which to paint stenciled designs on the door.


If you want to cover the mirror without significantly changing its appearance, add a layer of frosting film to it. You can also do this by using spray-on glass frosting, which can be found at most home improvement stores. One benefit of this type of frosting is that some types can be removed later on if you decide to move out of the residence or if it is a rental.


Hanging a curtain over your mirrored door will prevent the mirror from reflecting. Choose a curtain in a fabric or print that coordinates with the rest of the room. Attach a curtain rod above the mirror. The benefit of a curtain is that, if you still want to use the mirror occasionally, all you will have to do is push the curtain out of the way.


If you are the artistic type, you may want to consider covering the mirrored door with a collage of papers and photographs. You can use tape or another removable adhesive to attach attractive papers, such as card stock, magazine clippings and photographs, to the door to create a unique piece of artwork that can be changed or removed at any time.

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