The Best 1.6 Gallon Toilets

The best toilets on the market are energy efficient, have a powerful flush and come with an elongated toilet seat.

Gerber Ultra Flush

Elongated seats have an oval shape and are more comfortable than the round seats on standard toilets. Toilets with 1. 6 gallons per flush (gpf) meet the strict flushing guidelines set forth by the Environmental Protection Agency's WaterSense program.

The Gerber Ultra Flush toilet has 1.6 gpf, along with an elongated seat. Features of the toilet include an insulated tank, front-mounted metal tank lever and tank-to-bowl mounting system. The toilet is available in a variety of colors, including white, almond, biscuit, Jamaican beige and Bahama pink. As of September, 2011, the cost of the toilet was $400.


The Neorest 600 from Toto is a tankless, one-piece toilet with a 1.6 gpf. The toilet features rear warm water washing, automatic air dryer and deodorizer, along with an automatic operation. An automatic operation allows the lid to open and close, and the toilet to flush through an automatic sensor. Color of the toilet include cotton, colonial white and sedona beige. The cost of the Toto toilet is roughly $5,600, as of September, 2011.


The Kohler Reve is an elongated toilet with duel flush technology. The 1.6 gpf toilet features a thermoset plastic toilet seat, along with an elongated bowl. In addition to WaterSense technology, the toilet has a modern design with square style. The cost of the toilet is about $1,800, as of September, 2011.

American Standard

The American Standard H2Option Dual Flush toilet operates at 1.6 gpf and costs about $500. The high efficiency, low consumption toilet features a two-button actuator and dual flush combination bowl. A PowerWash feature is designed to scrub the bowl after each flush and a sanitary dam is located on the bowl.

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