What Is Galvalume Roofing?

Galvalume is a type of steel roofing developed from over 20 years of research by Bethlehem Steel, and now BIEC International, Inc.

Life span

Galvalume is made for residential and commercial buildings.
The sheet steel is made from a 55 percent aluminum and 45 percent zinc alloy. The metal was introduced to the market in 1972, and since that time, over 20 million tons have been sold in the U. S. alone. Galvalume has other uses besides roofing, including cabinetry, furniture, gutters and pipes. .

A Galvalume roof can last over 30 years. However, the life span is affected by weather conditions. The performance of the paint film can also affect the life span of a prepainted Galvalume roof. These roofs will require more maintenance to keep an aesthetically-pleasing appearance and will need repainting at some point.


Galvulume is an energy-efficient building material. The steel roof reflects sunlight away from the building during the summer, while retaining heat during the winter. This translates as less expensive temperature control.


Since Galvalume is so thin, it is ideal to use in a roof retrofit project. The roof can be installed directly over a conventional roof that may be old or leaking. The Galvalume material is maintenance-free and weathertight. Galvalume is suitable for any climate, and will not crack, peel or corrode when exposed to harsh weather conditions.

Where to Buy

If you are interested in installing a Galvalume roof, you should contact a licensed, Galvalume-affiliated contractor or your regional manufacturer. Be sure that the contractor is experienced and trained in working with this type of steel roofing. They are also who you should contact for warranty information.

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