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How Does a GE Washer With Infusor Work?

Kaye Wagner

Some of General Electric’s line of efficient washing machines use infusor technology. This technology allows you to use high-efficiency detergent and less water than a normal washing machine. In the long term, this can help you save money on electric bills. This technology is meant to replace the traditional agitator.

How It Works

The infusor is a knob in the center of the washing machine tub that has several tiny holes on it. Washing machines fitted with infusor technology push water through the sides of the washing machine tub toward the center, and the infuser pushes the water to the walls of the tub. Combined, these actions create the water pressure that pushes the clothes through the washing machine to clean them.

Why It Works

The infusor works because the water pressure causes the clothes to rub up against each other and to move through the water to remove dirt particles with as little water as possible. If you look briefly at the clothes, it might not look as if they aren’t moving very much, but if you can watch for longer, you’ll notice the clothes move slowly around the washing machine, sink to the bottom and then work up through the top.

How To Use It

Operating the infusor washing machine requires slightly different directions for the best and most efficient clean. First, place the clothes in the washing machine around but not covering the agitator. Don’t overfill the washing machine. You should still be able to see at least one row of holes on the top of the washing machine. Don’t pack the clothes in an attempt to fit more in the machine, since this will prevent them from moving freely. Close the lid, and let the machine run thoroughly.

High-Efficiency Detergent

Only use high-efficiency detergent in this washing machine, as these detergents are designed to work in less water. Using non-high-efficiency detergent will create too many suds and can overflow the washing machine. It also will not clean clothes as well as high-efficiency detergent.