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Pan Flood Errors on a Viking Dishwasher

Tyler Lacoma

No one likes to discover a pan flood error in her dishwasher. The pan is the protective base that the dishwasher rests in, keeping the water safely locked inside the washing compartment. A pan flood error means that the dishwasher has filled with water that is not draining properly, a serious problem that can lead to flooding and moisture damage in the floor. If you have a Viking dishwasher that is presenting a pan flood error, you need to take immediate action.

Pan Flood Error

Not all Viking dishwashers report errors in the same way. Many flash different lights to indicate various problems. Lights are labeled for different cycles, such as economy, rinse and normal. If lights are flashing on both normal and efficiency this can indicate a problem with pan flooding. If you see this flashing, reset your entire dishwasher and try to power it up again. If the problem persists, call in a professional to look at the unit.

Supply Lines

Dishwashers use supply lines in order to deliver water to the washing compartment. If the supply valve fails and stays permanently open, the dishwasher may start to flood, with water entering the system at least as fast as it can exit through the drains. You will need to turn off the water to the dishwasher and have this valve replaced in order to fix the problem.


Another problem could be the drainage system. Water may be entering your dishwasher correctly, but failing to drain. This might be another valve problem or a kinked drain hose, but it could also be caused by grime and food particles forming a partial blockage in your system. Many Viking filters were not designed to be taken out, but removing and cleaning the filter might be a necessary step to repair your washer.

Other Issues

Supply and drainage lines are not the only things that can cause pan flooding. Other issues like door seal problems, electrical failures or miscommunication, and cycle timer issues may be responsible. If you have a pan flood error, it is best to call a contractor who specializes in Viking repairs to diagnose the problem, rather than try to locate it yourself.