Problems With a Broken Quartz Heating Element in a Krups Toaster Oven

Christie Gross

Krups manufactures one toaster oven, the 1600-watt model FBC213 with convection cooking and quartz heating elements -- patent technology that supposedly cooks faster and toasts better than other conventional toaster ovens, according to the Krups’ manual. In addition, the manufacturer states that the quartz heating elements provide more precise temperature control. Yet quartz heating elements are not entirely without problems, and it’s possible for an element to break if cleaned or from accidental contact.

Elements Shut Off During Cooking

The Krups toaster oven features two sets of quartz heating elements. One set it on top of the oven and the other set is on the bottom. It’s common for one set to shut off while the other set continues to cook food at full power. If one set of elements never turns on, no matter which heat setting that’s selected, contact Krups to have the toaster oven serviced. It’s possible that the element has faded or has a shorted wire, and may need to be replaced.

Elements Don't Glow Evenly

Quartz heating elements are made to glow brighter in the center, according to the Krups toaster oven manual, and an element’s glow does not necessarily indicate its heat level. A properly working element glows at various strengths of brightness, and no matter a glow’s intensity, an element is likely generating consistent heat across the entire chamber. The manual states that elements can still produce heat even if they’re not glowing brightly throughout. Consequently, don’t worry if an element glows at different brightness intensities; it’s likely still functioning normally.

Can't Clean Elements If Dirty

Unfortunately, you can’t clean a quartz element, as cleaning an element can damage it. An element is extremely fragile and breaks easily. As a result, if food spills on the element, you must leave it there and allow it to bake off over time with additional oven use. Until the food spill is eliminated, however, the spillage can cause the toaster oven to have an unpleasant odor when it’s on. The odor should go away with the spill.

Elements Break Easily

Since a quartz element is easily broken, Krups advises that you not touch or attempt to handle a quartz element. Food should be placed on a baking sheet, broiling pan or shelf, never directly on an element. If you accidently knock an element when placing or rearranging an item in the toaster oven, don’t turn the oven on until you first examine the affected element for damage. Never use an oven that has an element that’s cracked or broken, as the faulty element can start an oven fire. Contact Krups to have the defective element replaced.