Roper Washing Machine Pump & Leak Problems

If your Roper washing machine is leaking or you are having problems with its pump, there are some simple ways to identify the root of the problem and get it fixed.

Pump Issues

A leaking washing machine or failed pump will either render your washer useless or, at the very least, cause it to make a damaging mess on your laundry room floor.

The pump in your Roper washing machine is responsible for pulling water into the machine at the appropriate times and most of all, pumping the water out when it is time to drain it. The most noticeable problem with the washer pump will be its inability to drain the tub of water after a wash or rinse cycle. The pump mechanism could simply be worn out or broken. This will result in standing water in the machine and potentially leaking around the pump housing. If you suspect this is your issue you should contact a service technician accustomed to dealing with Roper appliances and have them replace the pump.

Leaks During Fill

If your Roper washer is leaking when the machine fills for washing or rinsing, the issue is likely with one of three parts. The air-gap device is the part located along the fill hose near the water inlet that keeps the water in your laundry load from running back into your home’s water supply. A damaged or cracked air-gap will cause leaking from this area and should be replaced. The rubber tubing between the air-gap and the inlet valve may be damaged. This would also cause a leak from this area and will require a replacement tube. The spout that feeds water into the wash tub is another potential leak source during the fill. If it is cracked, water will drip from the area near the top of the tub during the fill.

Leaks During Drain

If your Roper washer is only leaking when the pump is draining water from the appliance or during the spin cycle, then the issue is most likely a leak in the connection to the main drain hose. Even if the connections are secure, the hose itself could be the problem. Tighten and check connections for leaks and replace the hose if necessary.

It Always Leaks

If your washing machine is leaking all the time while in use, the main tub seal could be worn out or cracked, allowing the water from the load to seep out and drip into the floor under the machine. This is a difficult repair that will probably require a professional repairman. The outer tub, usually made of some type of metal or plastic, can rust or crack and allow water to leak out under the machine as well. This is likely to be a professional job as well and it may be costly. The fill hoses that feed water to the machine from the main water supply line could also be leaking. There are typically two of these, one for hot and one for cold. Check the condition of the hoses and the connections for leaks.

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