Are Ceiling Fans Good for Rooms With High Ceilings?

Vaulted, angled or other high ceilings are a bit of a challenge when trying to decorate the area. Ceilings fans are functional as well as decorative and many come with light fixtures.The fans add air circulation in the room and help save on your utility bill in the summer and even the cold weather months. Installing a ceiling fan with the proper mounting and at the right height ensures this type of savings.

Mounting Equipment

A tall ceiling doesn't mean you can't use a ceiling fan.

Many types of mounts are available for different types of ceilings. Angled or vaulted ceilings require a sloped mount. Extended mounts allow the consumer to extend the ceiling fan down from the high ceiling so it is low enough to provide adequate air circulation. The downrods for extendable mounts range in heights from 6 to 120 inches.

Height for Best Air Circulation

Positioning the fan so that it is 8 or 9 feet from the floor area is ideal for the optimal airflow. The air circulation cools the people in the room, but not the space. Therefore, you should turn off the fan when exiting the room to save energy costs. During the winter, fan blades can be reversed on some models. This forces the warm air up to the ceiling and results in a downdraft to warm the occupants of the room.

Aesthethic Value

High ceilings can make a room appear cavernous and resemble a warehouse space. Using an extended mount and a downrod to hang a ceiling fan, visually lowers the ceiling, thus creating a cozier setting in the space. The presence of a low-hanging ceiling fan guides the eye downward and away from the expanse of the ceiling.

Length of Downrod

Determining the right length for your downrod is a bit tricky. For instance, a ceiling fan that is 15 feet in height may look imposing if the ceiling fan is 9 feet below it. Generally, for a 9 foot ceiling choose a downrod of 6 to 12 inches. Ten foot high ceilings work best with a downrod that is approximately 12 to 18 inches. One and a half to 2 feet downrods look appropriate with an 11 foot ceiling height. A 12 foot ceiling needs at least a 2 foot to 30 inch length downrod. Thirteen feet high ceilings look best with 30 to 36 inch downrods and one that is 36 to 48 inches is appropriate for a 14 feet high ceiling. Forty-eight to 60 inches is perfect for ceilings that are 15 feet in height, according to the Ceiling Fans 'N' More website.

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