Ideas for Glass Bowl Table Centerpieces

Elizabeth Smith

Instead of hiding beautiful glass bowls in your cupboards, use them as display pieces. Whether you are working with an ordinary clear glass bowl or an ornate antique bowl, you can make a striking centerpiece, using seasonal and decorative materials to add style to your home any time of the year.


Fill a glass bowl with ornaments for a festive centerpiece.

Glass bowls pair well with candles, particularly if they have edges or decoration that reflect the twinkling candlelight. Fill the bowl halfway with water, and add floating candles. If you are using a clear bowl, put small, smooth stones or glass pebbles in the bottom of the bowl. For a dramatic centerpiece, fill the bowl with pillar candles in varying heights. Anchor them with glass pebbles in complementary hues. Put tea light candles in a shallow glass bowl. Surround them with the stones or glass beads.

Seasonal Elements

Fill glass bowls with seasonal elements. During the Christmas season, fill the bowls with ornaments. Look for colorful balls, antique ornaments, piles of bead garlands, crystal ornaments or metal snowflakes. In the fall, fill the bowl with pine cones or nuts. At Easter, pile the bowl high with colored Easter eggs. In the spring and summer, turn the bowl into a vase by putting floral foam in the bottom and arranging fresh flowers to give your dining room a bright splash of color.


For an easy and edible centerpiece, pile a glass bowl with fruit. For a modern or bold touch, use fruits like cherries, limes, lemons or apples; layer them for a sophisticated touch. In the fall, bring in the rich colors of the season with miniature pumpkins and squash. Choose fruits that contrast with the color of your glass bowl for the biggest impact.

Moss and Flowers

Glass bowls can be used as inexpensive replacements for flower pots or expensive vases. Put floral foam in the bottom of the bowl to serve as a base, and insert a tall bouquet of flowers. Pile moss on top of the foam and up around the base of the flowers to give the effect of a topiary without the cost. For a less dramatic centerpiece, use just the moss piled in a bowl for an earthy effect.