Denture Cleaner Uses

Although denture cleaner's primary use is for cleaning and polishing dentures, it can be used for other things around the house as well. The denture cleaner is antibiotic and can be effective at removing household germs. Its effervescent properties can dissolve away stains and dirt. You may be surprised at how handy a box of denture cleaner can be.


Denture cleaners aren't just for dentures.

Use denture cleaning tablets to help you clean in the bathroom.  Toss a couple of tablets into the toilet and let them sit for a few minutes, then use a scrub brush to scrub stains and dirt. Flush the toilet.  Denture tablets can also help unstop drains that are clogged. Insert pieces of a couple of broken tablets into a drain and run hot water down the drain until the clog is successfully removed. 


Sometimes it's hard to get coffee and tea stains out of pots and mugs.  Leave a denture cleaning tablet in a coffee pot or your favorite mug with water and let it sit overnight. Wash and dry the pot or mug normally in the morning, and the stain will be gone.  If you have food stains on plates or glass baking dishes, soak the stains in water and a denture cleaning tablet then scrub them as usual. The denture cleaner will remove the food stains. 


Use denture cleaning tablets to make your jewelry shine again.  Drop a tablet into a glass of water along with your jewelry including silver, pearls or gems. Denture cleaners can make diamonds sparkle again and remove tarnish from silver and gold.  Let the jewelry sit in the mixture for about half an hour then rinse the jewelry clean. Dry the jewelry with a soft microfiber cloth. 


Use denture cleaners to also clean retainers, nightguards used to keep you from grinding your teeth, and sports dental guards.  Follow the directions on the package for cleaning your dental appliances. You will need to soak them in water and the denture cleaning tablets for the specified amount of time, then rinse them clean before wearing again.  This will help extend the life of your appliance and keep away buildup that accumulates over time.

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