Solutions for Getting Rid of House Flies

Having an infestation of any type of insect can be unsettling for a homeowner, but houseflies are a particularly annoying pest. Initially, you may only notice a few flies buzzing around your home, but they can quickly multiply because the development from egg to adult fly can take as little as two weeks in warm weather. If you find that your home is overrun with flies during the summer months, however, do not panic. There are several ways to deal with the problem and return your home to a fly-free zone.

Keep Clean

Keep an old-fashioned fly swatter on hand if your home is infested with the pests.

Flies are attracted to uncovered food, sticky spills and other dirty conditions. You may notice that they are frequently found around your garbage cans where rotting food particles and other decomposing organic matter can be found. To keep flies out of your home, make sure that your kitchen and the rest of the house is as clean as possible. Do not leave uncovered food out on the counter and wipe up spills as soon as they occur. Take garbage bags outside as soon as they are full. Make sure that there are no puddles of standing water around your home either. Flies are also attracted to other dead insects and dying leaves so keep your plants in top condition and wipe up any debris that falls from them.

Seal Possible Entryways

To keep flies out of your house, make sure they do not have a way to enter. If there are gaps around window sills or door frames, seal them with caulk or wire mesh. Make sure that your windows and doors are fitted with screens when they are open and replace screens that have holes in them as soon as you notice the damage.

Use Repellent Spray

There are many fly repellent sprays available at the store that are effective in keeping flies away. Spray the product around any openings in the outside of your home, such as gaps in the siding or around door frames. You may also want to treat windows and air conditioning vents to prevent flies from entering these areas.

Hang Glue Strips

Glue strips, also known as fly paper, can be an effective way to catch flies that venture into your home. These strips feature an adhesive that causes the insects to become stuck to the surface when they land. You can hang the strips near entrances to your home or areas where you have noticed a large number flies. Change them regularly because the strips can become full easily if you have a large infestation of flies in your home.

Keep a Swatter Handy

It may seem old-fashioned, but a fly swatter can be an essential tool if your home is plagued with flies. Made of plastic, they are usually fairly flexible and feature a large flat paddle-like surface that is used to hit flies once they land. Catching flies with a swatter requires fairly good reflexes, however, because they dart around quickly. If you do happen to hit a fly, be sure to thoroughly clean and disinfect the surface where you have crushed it to avoid attracting more flies.

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